PODCAST | Is now the right time to get into fixed income?

Fixed income as an area of investment is the focus in this edition of Business Day Spotlight.

Host, Mudiwa Gavaza, is joined by Attila Kadikoy, managing partner of Levantine & Co Wealth Managers.

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Kadikoy shares his perspective on why investors should embrace the fixed-income shift because of the evolving economic landscape.

Kadikoy says the significance of the shift lies in the fact that major institutional investors, such as pension funds and endowments, target returns of about 6% and are now viewing fixed-income assets as an important part of their portfolio to achieve these returns.

He adds that the case is building for individual investors to consider the same for their portfolios.

The discussion includes the state of fixed income; reasons for growth in this asset class; the appropriate type of fixed-income investments; and a look at government bonds versus company paper.

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